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The University is pleased to announce the issuance of the following revised Governing Regulations and Administrative Regulations:

AR 1:6, Formulation and Issuance of University Governing Regulations and Administrative Regulations (Approved by the President April 2019)

This Administrative Regulation was revised to add a policy section and to reflect agreed language protocols, including changes in the verbs used to indicate mandatory behavior (“must” instead of “shall”). The inclusion of language protocols as part of this regulation is part of a general initiative to standardize the University’s policies.

AR 7:5, Institutional Program for Animal Care and Use (Approved by the President April 2019)

This Administrative Regulation was revised under the University’s protocol of reviewing regulations as part of a regular cycle. This regulation received minor changes, mostly to update government department names and links to government policies. The wording of the regulation was updated to bring it into line with regulations protocols.

AR 9:2, Use of University Facilities by Registered Student Organizations (Interim Regulation approved by the President April 2019)

This Administrative Regulation was revised to remove section B of the regulation, which governed the use of the Open Discussion Area, as the University no longer has an Open Discussion Area. Because the rest of the regulation has not been reviewed the revised regulation is labeled “Interim” to indicate that only part of the regulation has been updated. The rest of the regulation will be reviewed as soon as possible. The only other change to the regulation is the removal of references to Article III of the Code of Student Conduct, which refers to an earlier iteration of that regulation and is no longer an applicable reference.

AR 10:2, Information Technology Governance (Approved by the President April 2019)

This Administrative Regulation was revised as part of an initiative by Information Technology Services (ITS) to update all its regulations. The previous version of this regulation established three advisory committees for ITS. The current version of this regulation establishes one committee, the IT Advisory Council, which will advise the CIO of ITS on University-wide IT policies and procedures. The regulation also empowers the CIO to form standing committees as necessary for advice and recommendations in specific areas of IT operations.

Questions about these or other regulations should be directed to the Office of Legal Counsel at (859) 257-2936, or Marcy Deaton at