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About UK Regulations

Kentucky law (KRS 164.180 and KRS 164.200) authorizes the UK Board of Trustees to establish regulations for the government of the university. Under that authority, the Board has adopted the UK Governing Regulations (GR) to establish the broad principles and policies for the university. The Board has authorized the President to establish Administrative Regulations (AR), Human Resources Policies and Procedures, and Business Procedures, to implement the policies established in the GRs.  The Board has authorized the University Senate to establish the broad academic policies for the university. 

Regulations Review and Development Process

The process for amending UK regulations is described in Governing Regulation XIII, University Regulationsand Administrative Regulation 1:6, Formulation and Issuance of Regulations. Governing Regulations are “owned” by the UK Board of Trustees. Administrative Regulations (AR) are “owned” by a Responsible Official, typically an executive vice president, vice president, dean, or the Provost. The general process for establishing or revising an AR is:  

  • The Responsible Official approves a proposal for new regulation to be developed or for revisions to an existing regulation.  
  • The Regulation Review Committee and appropriate stakeholders review the regulation.
  • Once the review is complete and any additional revisions are made, regulations are returned to the Responsible Official for final review and approval. 
  • The regulation is sent to the President or the Board of Trustees, as appropriate, for final approval.  Final regulations are announced to University community and posted on the Regulations Library website. 

At all stages of this process, the Office of Legal Counsel provides support to the responsible official by furnishing the Regulation Template, document and drafting support, and arranging meetings with relevant stakeholders and others involved in the regulation process. 

Regulations Review Committee

Regulations Review Committee (AR 1:6)

The Regulations Review Committee is appointed by the President and comprised of representatives from the major units within Office of the Provost, each of the Executive Vice Presidential areas, the Office of General Counsel, University Senate, and the Staff Senate.


Marcy Deaton

Senior Associate General Counsel 

Office of Legal Counsel


Mary Ann Miranda

Associate General Counsel 

Office of Legal Counsel


Faculty, Students, & Academics

DeShana Collett '24

Chair, Senate Council

College of Health Sciences

Em Neiport '24

College of Medicine 

Dean's Office

Dominick Williams ’25

AVP for Strategy and Enhancement

Office of the VP for Student Success

Melissa Frederick ’26

VP Human Resources and Chief HR Officer

Human Resources

Matt Sanger ’26

Senior Executive Director

Office of the Provost

Lisa Tannock ’26

Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement

Office of the Provost

Kirsten Turner ’26

VP Office of Student Success

Finance and Administration

Michael Sheron ’24

IT Policy and Privacy Analyst

Information Technology Services

Ali Yankey '24

Contract Coordinator Principal

Office of Technology and Commercialization

Thalethia Routt '25

Acting Associate VP

Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity

Richard Amos ‘26

Chief Benefits Officer & Executive Director

Human Resources

Gina Dugas ‘26

Vice President for Finance and Administration


Ellen Gish ‘26

Associate General Counsel

Office of Legal Counsel

Kim Lush '26

Asst. Treasurer/Policy and Training Director

Financial Services Administration

Troy C. Martin ‘26

Human Resources Manager

Libraries - (Staff Senate)