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This Administrative Regulation sets out the various processes and procedures for the delivery of educational instruction and the conduct of student affairs. Subject to the limitations imposed by the federal and state Constitutions as well as federal and state law, the Governing Regulations are the supreme policy of the University (per Governing Regulation I — Declaration of Principles). To the extent a provision of this Administrative Regulation — Academic and Student Affairs conflicts with a Governing Regulation, the Governing Regulation shall control.


Sections include:  

  1. Overview
  2. The Academic Calendar
  3. Programs, Courses and Curriculum Procedures
  4. Admissions to the University
  5. Rules Relating to Attending the University
  6. Student Academic Affairs
  7. Rules Relating to Schedule of Classes and the Catalogs
  8. Code of Faculty Responsibilities
  9. Glossary of Terms
  10. Appendices 


Responsible Official/Office: President

Effective Date: 6/14/2024