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The University's mission involves three primary functions: instruction, research and service. In some areas, the educational experience is enhanced by having clinically competent faculty employees who are qualified to personally provide care or counseling to clients and training to students in clinical settings. To fulfill this need a Clinical Title Series for appointments, reappointments, and promotions without tenure was established by the Board of Trustees in 1986 for the health care colleges and was extended in 1995 to other colleges that have clinical disciplines. The ratio of the number of faculty appointments in the Clinical Title Series to the total number in the tenure-track title series (i.e., Regular, Special, Extension, Librarian) in a college shall not exceed 25 percent unless a specific higher ratio is approved by the Provost and the dean after a consultative vote is taken of the faculty council in the college.


Responsible Official / Office:  Provost

Effective Date:  06/12/2007