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These procedures and criteria have been developed for the purpose of continually improving the quality and performance of the faculty in order to enhance the quality of the University's programs and permit the University to achieve its multiple missions.

The review required for promotion and granting of tenure is a summative evaluation of both the candidate's accomplishments over the entire probationary period and his or her future scholarly potential. It is based on the criteria set out in the Administrative Regulations which require a consideration of information (e.g., the evaluations of external reviewers) that might not be available for the annual and progress reviews.

Faculty appointments are with educational units and shall be of three basic types: (1) tenure-ineligible appointments; (2) tenured or tenure-eligible appointments; and (3) post-retirement appointments. (GR X-B.1)

Before selecting a faculty employee, the educational unit must ensure that it has followed the established hiring policies and practices of the college, as codified in the Rules of the College, and all Governing and Administrative Regulations on appointments.


Responsible Official / Office:  Provost

Effective Date:  08/20/2016